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Happy Effective Communications Month! It is 2024 and communication has evolved and improved in many ways. We can share information with people across the globe instantly, choose how we want to share that information, and send it to millions of people with the click of a button.

We’ve come a long way since hieroglyphics and cave paintings, but many still struggle to be heard. For instance, CRICO Strategies medical safety experts discovered that out of 23,000 malpractice suits, 7000 resulted from failed communication. These cases amounted to $1.7 billion in malpractice costs and approximately 2000 preventable deaths. Clear communication is integral to providing effective service and care to people, especially those with limited English proficiency.


Effective Communication in a Multilingual World:

Communicating effectively fosters connection and understanding. Anyone who is looking to build relationships should keep this in mind — including businesses. As companies are looking to expand their global reach, communicate with a growing multilingual audience (68 million Americans speak another language other than English at home), and maintain a diverse workforce, the need to communicate clearly and effectively is paramount. This involves understanding diverse languages and being culturally aware.


What is a Language Service Provider?

A language service provider is an entity that offers language related services. These may include interpretation, translation and localization, and language testing and assessments. These services ensure that your message is not only heard but understood across diverse cultures and languages.


How LSA Partners with Businesses to Improve Communication:

Language Services Associates (LSA) is a leading language service provider helping businesses connect with their customers across various industries. Effective communication goes beyond just words — it’s also understanding the nuances of language and cultural competency.

  • Qualified Linguists: LSA offers the most qualified, thoroughly vetted interpreters on the market. Accurate, culturally appropriate communication is our top priority.
  • Flexible Support: LSA has customer and technical support available 24/7/365 – including nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Responsive: Communication is key in language services, and LSA is committed to ensuring the best customer experience. We value your feedback and respond to all questions, comments, and concerns quickly and with resolve.
  • Industry Expertise: We connect you with experienced, qualified linguists that speak your industry-specific language.
  • Full Suite of Services: We offer a full suite of language services solutions, including Over the Phone Interpretation, Onsite interpretation, Video Remote Interpretation, Translation & Localization, and Language Assessments and Testing.

Effective communication is essential for success in today’s interconnected world and thanks to language services providers like LSA, language is no longer a barrier.

Happy Effective Communications month!