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Customer Experience at Your Call Center — The Only Metric That Matters

According to the latest global consumer study conducted by Qualtrics XM Institute, $3.7 trillion of sales are at risk from bad customer experiences in 2024. Regardless of your industry, poor communication is bad customer service, and bad customer service leads to high customer attrition. 

Call Centers that want to provide a better customer experience, reach a global market, and improve important KPIs offer multilingual services to their customers. While important advances in technology and AI are changing the way call centers and their agents operate, language can still present a barrier to finding solutions if you’re not equipped to adequately support limited English proficient (LEP) callers. 

A comprehensive language access program will: 

  • Boost Agent and Customer Satisfaction  
  • Improve Your Call Center’s Metrics  
  • Increase Agent Productivity  
  • Expand Your Reach 

The customer experience is first and foremost what dictates the most valuable KPIs and metrics a call center should prioritize. Putting time into prioritizing the correct set of KPIs can have an enormous impact on how customers feel about their experience and how well a call center is operating.  

According to CCW Digital’s annual consumer preferences survey, customers who were asked about their interactions with call center agents this year responded overwhelmingly with negative feedback: 

0 %

Of customers said that employees seemed happy, helpful, knowledgeable, and empathetic

0 %

Said that agents seem to know more about the business and products they are supporting

0 %

Said agents seem to care more about solving their problems

0 %

of customers stated that agents seemed more willing to engage with them

These low numbers are highly indicative of call centers spending time concentrating their efforts in areas that aren’t customer-focused, and not enough time ensuring their agents are equipped with the tools essential for providing their callers with optimal services. Ensuring your agents have the resources and support they need will improve important KPIs like First Contact Resolution (FCR), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Call Abandonment Rate, and Cost per Call (CPC) 

Maximize Customer Experience and Pivotal KPIs Through Language Support

According to a study conducted by CSA Research, 72.4% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language. This applies across all sectors including insurance, finance, healthcare, retail, etc. If you cannot speak a customer’s language, you cannot provide good customer service. 

With 1 in 5 Americans speaking a language other than English at home, it’s likely your call center has many LEP customers calling every day. If you can’t communicate with your customers, they will either hang up, be misled on their first call, or take their business elsewhere (or all the above). 

Partnering with a language service provider who can seamlessly integrate with your omnichannel contact center will support improvements at your call center that enhance the customer experience, boost agent productivity, improve important KPIs, and reduce customer attrition. Collectively supporting these improvements will help you thrive in a global market where customers can be calling from anywhere in the world, in any language. 

While call centers seek to optimize self-service options and reduce the amount of time agents spend on interactions, ensuring clear communication is the only way to meet your goals. Providing services in languages your customers understand reduces call handle time, cost per interaction, and agent effort, freeing up agents to help more customers throughout their shift. 

“67% of customers have become “serial switchers,” customers who are willing to switch brands because of a poor customer experience.” Don’t lose customers because you don’t speak their language. 

Language Services Associates is your Call Center partner.

Language Services Associates (LSA) has been providing language services to call centers for over three decades. We help you build trust with diverse callers by providing seamless language integration into your core contact center business. LSA’s interpreters have the skills to scale to your call center demands quickly and efficiently. Our team will partner with you to determine the appropriate language access program for you, provide clarity and insight for your customers, and ensure fast, accurate communication for your agents and LEP callers. 

Learn more about LSA’s call center language servicestoday, improve your customer experience and expand your reach into the global market. 

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