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HORSHAM, Pa.–Local interpreters in the Texas area have combined their efforts with interpreters throughout the country and surrounding borders to help local aid relief, government and emergency workers communicate with limited English speaking residents. Due to a need for a greater number of less common languages among Harvey victims, Language Services Associates, Inc. (LSA) has volunteered to assist.

Arturo Bobea, a Spanish medical interpreter residing in Pennsylvania who independently contracts with LSA, and who is volunteering his services in this catastrophic event reached out to LSA for help. “We have formed a group of volunteer interpreters that are assisting with the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. We’ve had an amazing response and volunteers are pouring in, but we seem to have difficulty finding qualified interpreters in languages of limited diffusion (languages that are not spoken widely). Would LSA be willing to help?”

Volunteer Language Interpretation (VLI), the name of the group of interpreters that Bobea refers to was initially started by Houston interpreter and locally known actress and activist, Angeles Romero. Romero began volunteering on her own in the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, working with FEMA and the Red Cross. Realizing how great the need was, she then posted a call for help on social media and volunteers like Bobea answered the call, along with over 350 other interpreters in various languages.

Initially Bobea was only hoping that LSA would reach out to the interpreters in their network who might want to volunteer. Instead, LSA quickly provided a dedicated Toll-Free Number for VLI to call when they needed interpreters in languages that they themselves were not able to provide. LSA is providing access to telephone interpreting, free-of-charge, allowing the VLI group to continue their efforts in assisting Texas residents in communicating with people and groups, providing much needed aid in this crisis.

As the United States braces for hurricane Irma to hit, the services of both VLI and LSA will be needed more than ever.

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