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On Thursday January 19th, 2023, Language Services Associates’ (LSA) Jerry Lotierzo, Strategic Sales Manager – GPOs, is heading to the yearly Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA) Member Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jerry will be representing LSA among a select 25 members that will be in attendance from some of the nation’s largest Federally Qualified health Centers where Interpreting services are required. Working alongside CEOs, CFOs, other DPA members, and health center finance, operations, and purchasing staff, Jerry will be presenting how LSA can partner with DPA members to provide solutions to make their community health centers more efficient through language access. As the only language provider presenting at the summit, we are honored to have Jerry share our story, history, philosophy, and our customizable solutions to meet every client’s needs.

Learn more about how LSA’s customizable solutions can make healthcare more equitable at your facility.

Contact:  Jerry Lotierzo at 800.305.9673 X55335 or jlotierzo@lsa-inc.azurewebsites.net

About LSA

Language Services Associates (LSA) offers a full suite of language interpretation solutions to help optimize the experience of limited English proficient customers and patients. Providing native language support improves the efficiency and productivity of staff, raises customer satisfaction levels, and builds loyalty. For more than 2,000 clients worldwide, in more than 230 languages, LSA provides a competitive differentiator in the healthcare, government, financial and banking, insurance, entertainment, hospitality, and manufacturing industries.