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LSA’s work with the Virginia Department of Health was recently featured on NBC 12 News in Virginia. The report showcases how LSA’s innovative INTERPRETALK® service aids communication between Virginia Department of Health inspectors & local restaurant owners who speak limited to no English. LSA’s INTERPRETALK® bridges this communication gap to ensure that restaurant owners receive the proper instruction to avoid or resolve health code violation.

[mejsvideo src=”/wp-content/uploads/lsa-nbc-12-06-07″]

In the video, Gary Hagy with the Virginia Department of Health speaks about communication challenges & how INTERPRETALK® is essential to protecting public health:

“If the individual doesn’t understand what we’re asking him to do, how can we expect him to get it done? It gets really really frustrating.” says Hagy. “I wish we had it (INTERPRETALK®) years ago…We want to protect public health and without that link, the communication link, it’s not going to happen.”

This is but just one example of how our services are utilized.

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