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We’re so honored to be a member of Watsi’s Universal Fund! Through monthly donations to the nonprofit company, we help fund life-changing medical treatments for those in need across the world. This month, LSA – in partnership with Watsi and other online donors – raised funds for Cedric, a 12-year-old boy from Haiti, to repair his atrial septal defect.

Read Cedric’s story below.


Cedric was born with a heart condition called atrial septal defect. He has a hole between the upper two chambers of his heart. “Blood passes through this hole and back to the body without first obtaining oxygen,” explains Watsi’s medical partner, Haiti Cardiac Alliance (HCA). “This leaves him constantly short of breath and unable to exert himself. If untreated, this condition could become fatal.”

With the help of online donors, Cedric will now be able to travel overseas to a hospital with cardiac specialists who can perform surgery to repair the hole in his heart. Following the closure of the hole between his atria, Cedric’s heart should engage in normal blood flow. He will have full relief from his symptoms and will be able to resume the activities he loves, like playing soccer.

Are you interested in becoming a member of Watsi’s Universal Fund? Visit Watsi.org to learn more and meet the patients that need your help!

“We believe everyone deserves healthcare, and we’re making that a reality, one patient at a time.”

– Chase Adam, Founder of Watsi