Hank Thompson

As Chief Revenue Officer at LSA, Hank Thompson is responsible for leading the sales and marketing team’s revenue-generation strategy, execution, and go-to-market approach. Hank is a sales, account management, and marketing executive, with 25+ years of experience in distribution and industrial channel markets, leading teams in building customer value. 

Hank works closely with sales, marketing, the executive team, and LSA’s board of directors to develop growth strategies while providing leadership on projects to improve LSA’s mission and vision across all departments. Hank’s vast experience leading teams in competitive markets gives him the expertise to build ideas from the ground up, align each department with a singular objective, create a plan, and ultimately execute a well-defined goal. He plays a pivotal role in planning for the future and growing LSA to new heights. 

Hank graduated from Penn State University and received his MBA from Eastern University. He is married with two children.