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Language may not be universal, but screams are! In preparation for Halloween, LSA has compiled some of the most popular foreign language horror films for your next gruesome movie night. Share your favorite fright below!

  1. Thirst (“Bakjwi”) – 2009, Korea – Winner of the Jury Prize at Cannes in 2009, the film is a vampire romance that tells the story of a priest who volunteers for a medical experiment to save his constituents.
  2. Let the Right One In (“Låt Den Rätte Komma In”) – 2008, Sweden – Based on the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, bullied boy Oskar is befriended by Eli, who is more than she seems.
  3. The Orphanage (“El Orfanato”) – 2007, Spain – Spain’s highest-grossing film in 2007, this is a classic ghost story set in the orphanage a woman returns to with her family.
  4. The Host (“Gwoemul”) – 2007, South Korea – The highest-grossing film in South Korean history, the tale is a family drama mixed with gore as a monster created by chemical dumping kidnaps a girl.
  5. Audition (“Ôdishon”) – 1999, Japan – A widower allows a string of women to ‘audition’ for his hand, and the one who strikes his fancy has a gruesome fetish.
  6. Cronos – 1993, Spain – Director Guillermo Del Toro’s introduction to the world, Cronos follows an antiques dealer who is pierced by one of his pieces and takes on some sinister traits.

Need some more thrills? You have a scary slew of Spanish choices here. Want to narrow your choices to the 21st century? Invest your time with these top ten terrors.

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