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Language Services Associates (LSA) is always seeking opportunities to help people. Recently our monthly donation to Watsi’s Universal Fund helped Daniel–an 8-year-old boy from Ethiopia–to receive a needed surgery for Hirschsprung’s disease, which affects the colon.

Daniel lives with his younger brother and his mother, whose single-parent income has not been enough to pay for long-term solutions to Daniel’s health. Several years ago, Daniel underwent a colostomy to treat an obstruction, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF) reports. Daniel needs an additional surgery to fully treat his disease, one which Watsi donors including LSA have made possible.

“Despite everything, Daniel is a very happy boy and he has a very positive outlook on life,” AMHF said. “He is dreaming that if he gets well from this condition, he can go to school and become a big government officer.”

Interested in helping patients like Daniel? Learn more about becoming a member of Watsi’s Universal Fund at Watsi.org and meet other patients that need your help!

“We believe everyone deserves healthcare, and we’re making that a reality, one patient at a time.”

– Chase Adam, Founder of Watsi