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Helping people with language support is always our goal, but we’re also honored to help patients across the world! Through our monthly donations to Watsi’s Universal Fund, we help patients receive important medical treatments. Recently LSA’s donation went to Kim–a 61-year-old man from Cambodia–who will undergo surgery to remove his eyes’ pterygiums. Learn more about Kim’s story below.

Kim is a father of five and grandfather to one, making his sight of utmost importance. However, pterygiums in his eyes, growths from unprotected sun exposure that cause blurred vision and a burning sensation, put a damper on Kim’s day-to-day life and make his work in construction nearly impossible. The necessary surgery will restore his vision and eliminate discomfort.

“After the surgery, he is looking forward to no pain, going back to his construction job, and he even says he will try to get a second job as a taxi driver to make extra money for his family,” Watsi’s medical partner, Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC) reports. Playing a little harder with the children may also be in store!

We’re glad to have helped Kim receive his needed medical treatment, and you can join us! Visit Watsi.org to learn more and meet the patients across the world that need your help!

“We believe everyone deserves healthcare, and we’re making that a reality, one patient at a time.”

– Chase Adam, Founder of Watsi