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Whether it’s through language or medical support, Language Services Associates (LSA) loves to help people across the world. Our recent donation to Watsi’s Universal Fund means that Restetuta–a 54-year old woman from Uganda–will receive treatment for an inguinal hernia that has plagued her for years. Learn more about Restetuta’s story below.

A mother of 10 children, Restetuta is always putting others first, even when it comes to her health. Restetuta has been suffering with her hernia for four years now, managing pain with medication but putting off costly surgery. Thankfully, Restetuta was referred to Watsi’s medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), to cover the cost of surgical repair.

If Restetuta continued to avoid surgery, AMHF reports she could face life threatening complications. “The hernia can get obstructed or strangulated causing intestinal perforation,” AMHF said.

After surgery, Restetuta will be able to return to her family in full health, weaving baskets and tending their garden. She and her husband are overjoyed.

Interested in helping patients like Restetuta? Check out more about becoming a member of Watsi’s Universal Fund at Watsi.org and meet other patients that need your help!

“We believe everyone deserves healthcare, and we’re making that a reality, one patient at a time.”

– Chase Adam, Founder of Watsi