Vizient Awards LSA 3-Year Contract for Language Services

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Vizient Re-Awards Language Services Associates, Inc. 3-Year Contract 

Horsham, PA August 2021   Language Services Associates (LSA) is pleased to announce that it has been re-awarded a three-year contract with Vizient.  LSA is a full-service provider of onsite and remote interpretation and translation solutions for more than 230 languages. With LSA’s scalable solutions and innovative technology, the contract makes LSA’s language service options available to all Vizient member hospitals at contracted pricing. 

Vizient is one of the largest member-driven, healthcare performance improvement companies in the country. Its suppliers help strengthen Vizient members’ delivery of high-value care through a commitment to quality and performance. LSA’s comprehensive suite of language services enables Vizient members to achieve their health equity goals by eliminating disparities and improving the health of all patient groups and populations while simultaneously controlling language services costs through the intelligent utilization of multiple language services modalities and technologies.  

For over thirty years, LSA has been a national leader in language services solutions for healthcare organizations, financial services, insurance, Medicare call centers, conferences, and any setting where communication is key. LSA offers a full suite of real-time, seamless interpretation solutions by phone, video, or in-person, scheduled or on-demand. LSA also provides document and website content translation services as well as language assessments.  

“Language Services Associates is delighted to continue our trusted partnership with Vizient,” said Scott F. Cooper, LSA’s President. “It is a fantastic achievement for LSA, but it is also a testament to Vizient and their members’ commitment to optimizing language access and equity for limited English-speaking and Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities through this relationship. The Vizient Membership has embraced the benefits of our best-in-class interpretation and translation services for over 10 years, and we look forward to continuing and expanding our membership relationships,”.  

LSA uses a distributed interpreter model, which means it is not as susceptible to business disruptions as large centrally located call centers. “We pride ourselves on top quality in both pillars of language services: best in class interpreters and the technology to swiftly deliver them,” said Mr. Cooper. “In the swiftly evolving technological landscape since COVID, LSA’s people and technology remain more agile than ever, allowing our customers to focus on what they do best.” 

“Additionally, our choice of flexible, seamless platform delivery models including integration into most Telehealth platforms available today provides a more efficient & effective overall patient experience,” said Jerry Lotierzo, LSA’s lead liaison to Vizient. 

LSA delivers industry-leading integration of interpretation services through a wide array of complex platforms including remote encounters, health system EHRs, and multi-party interactions. Sophisticated solutions offer healthcare organizations much-needed flexibility and choice given their rapidly changing delivery model and continued growth of telehealth accessibility. 

Quality interpretation in the healthcare space helps overcome language barriers of at-risk population groups and delivers important healthcare access to all. Providing interpreters reduces patient readmission rates, helps with patient outcomes, and contributes to greater clinician efficiency while meeting important compliance mandates. 

About LSA 

Language Services Associates is a full-service national leader delivering interpretation and translation solutions via telephone, video, and in person. Thousands of clients worldwide rely on LSA’s unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, a global roster of highly qualified interpreters providing more than 240 languages, and over 25 years of industry expertise.  It is based just outside of Philadelphia with a national footprint.  It is a 100% woman-owned business. 


Language Services Associates Named Top Provider

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Horsham, PA May 7, 2020  Language Services Associates (LSA) is proud to announce that it was named as a top 30 language services provider in the Nimdzi 2020 report. Nimdzi is one of the most prestigious international research and consultancy firms focused on the language industry. Being listed in the top tier of providers in a crowded market is a distinguishing accomplishment for Language Services Associates.

“The language industry is constantly evolving. LSA has been a dynamic participant in this area for more than 25 years and we are proud to be a part of this report.  We were thrilled that Nimdzi recognized our contributions,” says Scott F. Cooper, LSA’s Managing Director and General Counsel.

LSA provides business-to-business real-time interpretation services through phone, video and in-person delivery.  It also translates documents and website content.  LSA is a national leader in language for healthcare providers, financial services, insurance, Medicare call centers, conferences, and a variety of other industries.  LSA utilizes a distributed interpreter network, which further prevents against service interruptions from natural and health causes.

LSA solutions offer industry-leading integration of interpretation services in over 240 languages through a wide array of complex platforms including telehealth encounters, health system EHRs and multi-party interactions.  Quality interpretation in the healthcare space reduces patient readmission rates, helps with patient outcomes, and contributes to greater clinician efficiency.

Mr. Cooper indicates, “The service lines we have been developing for years are now on full display during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Our processes reduce the risk of infection by allowing streamlined interactions between patients, physicians, and interpreters from remote locations.  As important, we can scale solutions for health systems and other users of all sizes.  Getting reliable healthcare to all patients – regardless of their language proficiency – is a key strategy in flattening the coronavirus curve.”

“With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing businesses needing access to interpreters in new ways because how they do business in this unprecedented event is changing. We have the options and technology to deliver,” says Mr. Cooper.

LSA also has significant experience in disaster recovery efforts and was able to adjust to a significant increase in volume of interpreter requests during hurricane Maria. “We were very prepared and had a plan in place. Despite this outbreak, we are fully operational and ready to serve our clients and those that need language services. And, our listing in Nimdzi reinforces our capability,” explains Mr. Cooper.

About LSA

Language Services Associates is a full-service national leader delivering interpretation and translation solutions. Thousands of clients worldwide rely on LSA’s unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, a global roster of highly qualified interpreters providing more than 240 languages, and over 25 years of industry expertise. For more information visit:

How to Address the Limited English Speaking and Deaf Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

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The COVID-19 outbreak is causing hospitals and physicians across the country to increasingly utilize telehealth and video encounters.  At the same time, government regulations are rapidly changing to allow for more telehealth to address the crisis. At the center of these developments is a dire need to reduce the amount of direct human contact in clinical settings.  The risk of exposure to the virus in this outbreak is high. Health experts indicate outbreaks may become more common.   In addition to the many known challenges COVID-19 is creating, limited English speaking and Deaf patients face additional challenges.  Amid this crisis, heart-breaking reports of some hospitals having difficulties accessing interpreters are beginning to surface.  Healthcare providers can solve these problems IF the right solutions are in place.

New Ways of Delivering Interpreters to Extend Care Beyond Walls

The growing importance of mobile healthcare underscores the critical need for interpreters-on-demand.

At every turn, healthcare providers and government officials are urging the reduction of human contact during clinical settings to alleviate the spread of the disease.  Communicating with the limited English proficient population (LEP) and the hard of hearing only gets more difficult with these new guidelines and procedures.  An added problem is that most health systems utilize their own communications and privacy protection platforms.

Industry experts have responded by developing a range of solutions to keep communications safe and reliable.  Language Service Associates (LSA) has solutions and options available now for all levels of patient care.

A Range of Options

No one solution will work perfectly for all healthcare providers.  The solution must match existing needs, ability to deploy, training time, clinical settings and budgets.  Each option will bring with it “pluses and minuses” that each provider must evaluate.

  • Top-Line Option – Full Integration with Telehealth Platform

The best option remains a fully integrated telehealth solution that integrates with the patient’s Electronic Health Records (EHR).  The new ViTel Net and Language Services Associates (LSA) platform integration enables clinicians to immediately add an interpreter within the existing telehealth workflow with just three clicks. This streaming solution works across multiple devices, regardless of a physician or patient location, and without additional equipment for the healthcare organization. By embedding the interpreter solution directly into a telehealth encounter, your organization vastly improves clinician workflows, reduces the chance for medical errors and readmissions for limited English proficient (LEP) and hearing-impaired patients. It’s a cost-saving, affordable, HIPAA secure, and sustainable option.

  • LSA’s IRIS Solution

Where full telehealth integration is not possible, another option is the use of LSA’s IRIS (Instant Remote Interpretation Solution) platform application. to enable a patient and doctor to seamlessly interact directly with an interpreter on an app. It is an application that is easily downloadable on mobile, computer or tablet. It’s also encrypted, secure and meets NAD standards.

  • LSA’s Interpreter to Your PlatformConnect

Many healthcare providers are already using some form of video telehealth platform (eCW, Teledoc, MDLive, etc.) or other conferencing solutions (Zoom, Teams, etc.).  Changes in regulations now allow for the introduction of an interpreter into your existing platform.  LSA’s Interpreter to Your Platform Connect option is a solution aimed at immediately fitting into an existing platform.  It is a cost-effective solution, without significant IT development, for healthcare providers that must get up and running quickly.  The challenge here is that patient privacy is still dependent on a third-party provider outside the control of the healthcare provider.

There are also several other solutions including video conference third party calls and virtual face-to-face, each with pros, cons and important security considerations. As our healthcare delivery model rapidly changes, healthcare organizations need flexible options for accessing interpreters. Language Services Associates has the solutions for your organization.

To learn more, click here to schedule a demonstration and consultation today.

Language Services Associates’ Alert On Coronavirus

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Ensuring Language Services During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has health experts and many businesses on high alert. Due to the rapidly evolving situation and novelty of “COVID-19,” the potential and methods for transmission remain unclear.

The health, safety, and welfare of our friends like you and the customers you serve is of utmost concern to us. Public health concerns like this touches all industries. However, it, of course will affect healthcare most of all. Out of precaution, Language Services Associates is also monitoring the progress of the virus and collaborating with many of our clients and partners to address this major health challenge. We will continue to be an active partner with you in your preparation efforts and in the event of a pandemic.

The Time is Now for Business Continuity Planning

Many customers are also asking about contingency planning should they need to move to a heightened quarantine model or if government authorities order less access to facilities. To be prepared, we are recommending all clients to plan now for enhanced migration to a video platform in the event personnel access to your facilities becomes more restrictive.

To help you mitigate further risk, and plan, we are encouraging all organizations who need language services to adopt our video remote interpretation services in lieu of in-person engagements. If you haven’t already done so, we can help you put a plan in place to:

  • move your face-to-face interpreters over to video remote interpreting (VRI) using our IRIS app
  • quickly scale interpreting by telephone through INTERPRETALK
  • deliver American Sign language interpretation by video
  • obtain back up services to your existing language service providers in the event they are unable to deliver given the demand or due to interpreters being exposed to the virus because they are in a call center environment
  • deploy our newest option to integrate video remote interpreting-on-demand directly into your existing telehealth platform and workflows
  • enhance online conferencing (Go-To-Meeting, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others) with interpreters by API or phone

 Our Dispersed Network of Interpreters Helps Avoid Risks

Language Services Associates provides access to a highly qualified global roster workforce of remotely distributed interpreters in over 235+ languages.  Access to highly secure, remote interpretation services helps your organization continue to meet compliance guidelines as well as minimize the risk of virus exposure and the rapid spread of infectious disease. Unlike a large call center that can be compromised by an outbreak, our network provides access to distributed points of service and ensures the chance of uninterrupted service.

We are also experienced in disaster efforts and rapidly deployed interpretation services for government entities during several national crises over the years, most recently hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Because the best time to prepare is now, please contact us at to get more information on how your organization can be prepared.

We encourage you to continue to stay informed by following updates and advisories from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Simplifying Access to Interpreters with Telehealth

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ViTel Net & LSA Partner to Improve the Clinician-Patient Experience at Hospitals


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McLean, VA – January 29, 2020 ­-

ViTel Net and Language Services Associates (LSA) are excited to announce a new platform integration that enables clinicians to immediately add an interpreter to a telehealth video encounter within the existing clinical workflow, regardless of physician or patient location – with just three clicks.

ViTel Net’s comprehensive and flexible telehealth platform enables health systems to securely deliver care at a distance to patients in any setting, using the health systems’ own workflows. Now, through an innovative partnership with Language Services Associates, those same workflows are vastly improved, when treating limited English proficient (LEP) and hearing-impaired patients.

This industry-first solution simplifies the clinician’s experience in accessing language interpretation services to clicking the video button and selecting a language. The LSA interpreter is immediately added to the video consult – it’s that simple. The interpreter and patient videos stream on the monitor, alongside the patient’s records, medical images, and clinician documentation. No more fumbling with iPads or phones to get everyone to see or hear one another.

The NIH reports an increasing LEP population, and removing the communication barrier with this patient segment results in:

  • Greater understanding of diagnosis, treatment, and medication instructions
  • Enhanced compliance with treatment and follow-up recommendations
  • Significantly decreased likelihood of a serious medical event and reduced medical costs
  • Greater patient satisfaction

“Connecting clinicians to interpreters is now fast and intuitive, thanks to our partnership with LSA and their advanced skills-based routing platform” stated Mark Noble, ViTel Net SVP.

“This innovative joint telehealth venture fills gaps in healthcare delivery, improves the clinician’s workflow, and supports healthcare compliance, while transforming the patient/clinician experience,” says Dennis Angeline, President and COO of LSA.

About ViTel Net

ViTel Net is a leading telehealth innovator, providing a configurable and interoperable enterprise platform and point-of-care modules for the entire telehealth continuum of care. Clinicians use our technology to access medical images, patient data and live video conferencing to remotely diagnose, treat, and manage patients.

About LSA

Language Services Associates is a full-service national leader delivering interpretation and translation solutions. Thousands of clients worldwide rely on our unique combination of state-of-the art technology, a global roster of highly qualified interpreters providing more than 240 languages, and over 25 years of industry expertise.